Dublin Port, Bond Road


  • Molloy and Sherry’s facilities include custom racked storage rooms
  • Capacity 10,000 pallet spaces, with options for chilled and frozen goods
  • Enclosed refrigerated shipping and receiving areas that safeguard all products from thermal abuse throughout handling, storage and staging processes
  • All our temperature storage facilities provided from – 30°c to +15°c
  • Stock rotation system, first in first out and any all customer requirements catered for
  • Stock control system, stock updates sent daily, weekly and monthly by email
  • Monthly in house stock checks are recorded and kept on file for instant access
  • Secure truck and trailer parking
  • Plug in points for rigid and containers

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Bonded Warehouse Storage Facility:

We provide Customs and Warehouse Bonding. We are industry leaders in frozen, chilled and ambient goods and under our Bond you will not have to pay duty at point of entry into Ireland. Once in storage within our facilities your goods are only subject to duty when sold. On payment of duty your goods are release for forwarding to their destination.

Through our partner, Transport Network Hub, we provide trailer distribution throughout Ireland and UK daily. We can also provide customers group-age and full load deliveries.


Case Study one: Irish Dairy Board


"We the Irish Dairy Board have been dealing with Molloy & Sherry for the last 22 years and have found them to be highly competent/professional/and extremely competitive"

Case Study two: Golden Foods


"Golden Foods (Europe) Ltd is a major importer and distributor of frozen chicken products sourced in Thailand."


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